Webinar: Infostealer Infections in Finance

The threat to the banking sector and what can be done?

Live Webinar
Sep 28
10:00 EST
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Tanya Koyfman-Capeleanu
Customer Success Manager, Cyberint

While infostealers threats are not focused exclusively on the banking industry, they can lead to significant funds losses and reputational damage following exposure of customers’ financial details.

In our coming webinar, we will elaborate on the info stealers ecosystem, focusing on the Financial sector and introducing evidence from various hacking communities.

In this webinar we will cover:

  • Who are infostealers and how they infect organizations.
  • The dark web ecosystem of trade and distribution.
  • The financial angle and further leveraging by TAs.
  • Main infection vectors.
  • Visual evidence of hacking with real life case studies.

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