[Breach Report] Profiling Magecart 

e-Commerce Scraping Attacks

Is your e-Commerce platform secure as we head into the peak online shopping season? Big name online retailers have fallen victim to attacks by Magecart, a group of cyber criminals, which resulted in the exposure of the personal information of hundreds of thousands of their retail customers.

In 2018, e-Commerce sales reached $653 billion with Black Friday alone responsible for $6.22 billion in online purchases. However, what's good for online retailers is also good for cyber criminals.  

Magecart hacked and took advantage of a vulnerability in one of the largest e-Commerce payment platforms to breach numerous retailers’ e-Commerce sites.

But you can prepare and this report outlines how:

  • The tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) in these attacks point to the involvement of multiple threat actors
  • Cyber criminals are inserting malicious scripts into the online shopping process
  • To audit code changes on critical pages for unauthorized additions and modifications

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