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The Rising Cyber Risks to the Healthcare Industry in 2021


In our report we explore the main driving forces behind the increased cyber risks to healthcare organizations, such as:

  • domainThe reduced ability to dismantle parts of the network to install the relevant patches and security updates
  • digital assetsThe need for continual accessibility of these systems to ensure patient care
  • web interfacesOverworked employees
  • Think againHigh employee turnover
  • domainThird party vendors

We also explore the main risks to the industry:

  • domainFailing to meet regulations (HIPAA)
  • digital assetsEmail phishing and spear phising
  • web interfacesDenial of service
  • Think againConnected medical device tampering
  • domainCryptojacking/medjacking
  • digital assetsMedical Identity Theft
  • web interfacesRansomware Attacks

Cyberint's The Rising Cyber Risks to the Healthcare Industry in 2021 Report summarizes recent and topical threats of relevance to defenders working within healthcare organizations.

Never in modern history has the need for properly functional healthcare and medical facilities been more critical. 

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Our report covers it all, from reasons behind the increased risks, the risks themselves and how to protect from these attacks.

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