Attack Surface Monitoring

  • domainHow hijackable is your domain?
  • digital assetsWhat are the top issues involving your digital assets?
  • web interfacesAre there exposed cloud storage or web interfaces?
  • Think againThink your digital assets are secure? Think again!

Cyberint's attack surface analysis reveals all and will help you prioritize your efforts in lowering digital risk.

Our assessment process starts by mapping your company’s digital presence. It's followed by non-intrusive detection and analysis of threats, access points, compromised credentials, exploitations and misconfigurations.

Your domain will then be given a security score by assessing the findings of our analysis in the face of current threats and security best practices.

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Example attack surface monitoring results

Knowing how vulnerable your attack surface has never been more important. In 2020 cyber attacks grew significantly and they’re not forecast to slow down in 2021.

Our amo will highlight your weak spots, allowing you to get an immediate attack surface management plan to mitigate risk and improve security posture.

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How much of your site is checked by our attack surface analysis?

We will share with you a snapshot in time of your attack surface initial analysis. A full discovery will be done at onboarding.

What is the accuracy of the attack surface analysis?

Cyberint uses a wide range of sources to increase accuracy to make our attack surface tools highly accurate.

What’s included and NOT included in the scan?
We will report on how many assets you have, where your risks are and give you a security score. On our discovery call we will review the entire report with you.
What’s the difference between what I get from the snapshot to ongoing service?

Your attack surface changes frequently. A one-time shot is helpful in highlighting issues, but for ongoing issues, ongoing alerts are necessary.

When you are a Cyberint customer you get the full report and the ability to rescan over time according to intervals that will be decided. 

Will the preliminary scan give me any value?

YES! This is a sample report, but based on your assets can already give you a lot of value.

If my Domain Score is A, does that mean I’m good and don’t need your service?

Your external attack surface is dynamic, evolving, and changing on an ongoing basis.

What you see in your current snapshot may not be relevant in 24 hours. Even if you have a high score now it doesn’t mean it is risk-free tomorrow


Which systems does Argos integrate with?

Argos currently integrates seamlessly with PANW XSOAR (for alerts consumption and updates) and Splunk (for IOC enrichment). Argos has an open API to connect to other platforms.

What's the difference between Cyberint’s Attack Surface Monitoring and other competitors?

Our system takes the raw material from other sources, enriches it and organizes it to minimize alerts. Our system does this automatically bringing the customer precise, actionable alerts. It does not overwhelm them with multiple false alerts. In addition, at Cyberint, our analysts review the alerts so your data also gets a real human intervention to QA it in real-time and add insights where needed.