Attack Surface Analysis

  • domainHow hijackable is your domain?
  • digital assetsWhat are the top issues involving your digital assets?
  • web interfacesAre there exposed cloud storage or web interfaces?
  • Think againThink your digital assets are secure? Think again!

Cyberint's attack surface analysis reveals all and will help you prioritize your efforts in lowering digital risk.

Our assessment process starts by mapping your company’s digital presence. It's followed by non-intrusive detection and analysis of threats, access points, compromised credentials, exploitations and misconfigurations.

Your domain will then be given a security score by assessing the findings of our analysis in the face of current threats and security best practices.

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Example attack surface analysis results

Knowing how vulnerable your attack surface has never been more important. In 2020 cyber attacks grew significantly and they’re not forecast to slow down in 2021.

Our analysis will highlight your weak spots, allowing you to get an immediate attack surface management plan to mitigate risk and improve security posture.

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