Anti-fraud Checklist:

How Prepared Is Your Online Store for the Holiday Rush? 

The holiday season is too lucrative to miss shoppers’ attention. So lucrative, that it has become also the peak time for cyber criminals targeting online commerce players. In fact, cyber criminals have been planning for months to make the most with a diversity of threat vectors exploiting companies’ vulnerabilities. Cyber attacks are at their peak during this period, with last year seeing approximately 50 million attacks during the prime holiday shopping period.

Here’s are 9 steps to take today to protect your online shoppers and stores: 

  1. Reduce the number of compromised accounts
  2. Protect PII data
  3. Prevent “bag” abuse
  4. Prepare incident response playbooks for Gift Card/Vouchers/Discount code abuse
  5. Prevent image scraping from your website
  6. Align cybersecurity processes with fraud/revenue loss teams
  7. Review anti-virus and EDR policies
  8. Conduct employee cybersecurity awareness training
  9. Align security teams with development and operation teams

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